Object substitution masking and the object updating hypothesis

In the subjective experience of the observer, it is as if the square shape that is merely implied by the outline of the four dots has replaced the original target shape. (Note that chance accuracy is 1/5 in this example because there are five different shapes and the observer task is to report the shape of one of them; the target). Opposite polarity mask decreased an effect of distracters, indicating influence on the time of directing attention to a target.The opposite polarity mask decreased masking when delayed for longer than 100 ms.As this mask duration increases, target visibility is reduced, a phenomenon that likely reflects competition between the target and mask.Given the sparse nature of this mask, relative to more traditional masks that either fully surround the target’s contours or spatially camouflage it, four-dot masking is thought to be a powerful demonstration of interactions at a spatially global object level, rather than of spatially local contour interactions (Di Lollo, Enns & Rensink, 2000).is a type of visual masking that occurs when a briefly presented display is followed by several small dots that surround the location of a target image, but do not touch it. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 29, 106–120. An example of a display sequence from a typical object substitution masking experiment is shown below.

If, however, the shapes disappear but the dots remain visible for a little while longer, then identification accuracy is reduced, sometimes to the levels of pure guessing.

We hypothesized that the availability of precise target information is dependent on whether a post-saccade object is mapped to the same object representation established for the presaccade target.

If so, then the post-saccade features of the target overwrite the presaccade features, a process of in which visual masking is governed by object continuity.

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