Britney spears dating paparazzi

Bobb that he was asked to represent the pop star in a battle to free her from the conservatorship controlled by her father, Jamie Spears.A week after being hospitalized against her will, Britney Spears took a day trip to Mexico — and paparazzi photographer Adnan Ghalib, her latest boyfriend, gave his photo agency the exclusive on the couple's whereabouts. Why he's significant: He is, BY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR, the hottest guy Britney's ever dated. Why he's significant: He was cute, but Britney deleted all the pictures of him from her Insta when they broke up. When they dated: They only went on one date at the end of 2015 lol. Who is he: The hot guy in her "Slumber Party" video.The pair were soon spotted at a local drugstore, where a beaming Britney led Asnan into the store while holding hands.Britney caused a commotion in the store trying to get into the bathroom, and started speaking in a British accent, shouting "oh my Lord".In the early hours of Sunday morning, Britney parked her white Mini Cooper in a busy Los Angeles street, where she was swiftly joined by a swarm of 20 photographers.However, Britney was not in the mood to be photographed and had her own camera, insisting she wanted to snap a mural on the wall. Shut up."After giving up her photography attempts, Britney and her assistant stormed back to her car, with the singer smacking her camera off a neighbouring vehicle.

He also had that chin-strap facial hair, which I can never, ever forget. Who is he: He was Britney's manager, which is actually pretty problematic.

A Los Angeles courtroom heard testimony yesterday on whether or not to extend the restraining orders barring her former manager and sidekick Sam Lutfi and other past hangers-on from having contacts with troubled star Britney Spears.

Attorney John Anderson took the stand and told Superior Court Commissioner Aviva K.

The witness, whose testimony was interrupted frequently by objections by lawyers for Spears' parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, was asked by his attorney if he took steps to control the press mob that was following her constantly.'I also started setting up meetings at her home with press photographers so they could get to know her as a human being,' he said, referring to himself as the singer's 'manager.' He did not say when he became her judge said it was unlikely that had been determined, and noted the report was inadmissible without testimony from a doctor or other expert witness.

We started talking, hit it off and she started calling and texting me. Lutfi described the singer at that time as being 'in crisis mode. She was having a child custody battle and was in the middle of a divorce.' He added that she also had drug problems.


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