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(image for reference) Components which I intend to buy and install include 2x16GB corsair vengeance c15 3000Mhz ramcards, 1 samsung 960 pro 512GB storage card (for OS and in-use programs), 1 WD 1TB HDD (for extra storage and backup), a blue ray drive/burner (I'm not sure which yet, as I've read that there's a new blue ray standard on the horizon, for which drives are just now being manufactured, but aren't quite available yet; and I don't know if my board is equipped to handle one), a Strix 1080 ti GPU, and windows 10.

I'm also convinced that I'll need a 144Hz 4k monitor with G-sync, and maybe some decent speakers/headphones (I won't need a headset as I don't play online games).

I was initially going to buy 2x8GB ramcards, but as 1x16GB is the same price, and makes upgrading later less of a hassle (and cost), I've been considering buying a 1x16GB card instead.

But while searching for information about any performance differences (purely out of curiosity), I came across a few posts I don't know where now, as it's been a few dayswhich stated something along the lines of 16GB requiring quad channel ram support; and after reading about quad vs dual channels, I'd also become concerned about whether 4x16GB ram, or 4xany GB ram is off the table (all this despite having 4 slots and a board which lists 64GB max ram in it's specs).

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So I'm building a pc, and I haven't bought my ram yet.

Should Alex be found alive, however, the ownership may be shifted back to him.

BTW, if you're interested, my full component list currently includes a corsair carbide case, Hero IX MB, i7 7700k cpu, cooler master 612 V2 cpu cooler (I wanted an air cooler because I read that liquid coolers could dry out, leak or explode, and destroy my pc), and a corsair cx750m psu.I emailed tech support while waiting for my account here to be verified, and received this response: "If you wants quad channel setup, please use X99 motherboard with processor that supports it.Dual Channel: Dual-channel-enabled memory controllers in a PC system architecture utilize two 64-bit data channels: 3200*2=6400 total bandwidth Quadl chnanel - supports arcitecture that utilize 4 channels: 3200*4=12800" What I'm taking from this, is that dual channel supports 64GB of ram, and quad channel supports double that. Should my board have any trouble running 16GB ram cards? I eventually want to run 2x16GB, and may even upgrade to 4x16GB, if I find that I can utilize that much.Its name is a portmanteau of "television" and "cartoon".The channel primarily airs various animated series, including both original and imported content.The Indian team, specifically its captain Virat Kohli, has been in the news for the wrong reasons since the last few days.


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