Suzy dating

But it can be understood as they have busy schedule.

Lee Min Ho is busy with "The Legend of The Blue Sea" and Suzy is preparing to release her solo album.

The first question Suzy's friends asked was when her last kiss was.

Suzy seems reluctant to answer that question so she drinks a shot of soju.

While the Indian edition of IBTimes also confirmed that the couple are still together on Monday, the Singapore edition of the same publication reported on the same day a rumour that the pair has parted ways.

But still media speculations about their “breakup” and discussions about the potential causes continue to pour in.

Such rumours had been circulating for months now, but the star couple chose to remain silent on the rumours.

While curious fans kept on browsing the net for updates on their relationship status, media outlets gave out occasional speculations.

On Suzy's new solo variety show, she gave a hint about their relationship. But when it was asked to their agencies, both denied and they said that the relationship was getting stronger.

For that, fans want to know more about their love life.


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