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By impelling customers to log in to their DJI accounts and activate the latest firmware for their drones, the company will be able to sync up each device with the specific regulations of the country where it's being operated.(Note: Customers in China, where DJI is headquartered, won't be required to go through this new activation process.) Meanwhile, the consequences for not activating the drone through DJI's website are tough but fair.Apparently, Generation Z will demand that their work is an opportunity for self-discovery and self-development.App Nexus chief people officer Brandon Atkinson reckons there’s a greater expectation from young staff that their employers should "invest in their whole selves".I say new team but, in true BBH style, many have spent most of their career at the agency: freshly minted managing director Adam Arnold has clocked up 16 years and there’s no doubt that the agency prides itself on nurturing loyal talent.Table talk over dinner turned to the newer entrants into the ad industry and how likely they were to hang around in the business for the long haul.A big salary (and, anyway, let’s face it, probably not one as big as their predecessors commanded) just won’t cut it any more.

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But I think it would've been an important statement for one media outlet in America to stand up.Today the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced who will have to comply with its proposed drone or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) registration rules. And they have decided that the registry will be retroactive. The FAA wants every American to register every drone that weighs more about half a pound, or 250 grams.News broke this week that a Blackwater subsidiary was arming violent drug users in Afghanistan. "Our first reaction to any story is 'How do we put this into the show? ' because he's so real to us it's like 'I bet Cartman did that.'" "I saw that and thought, 'Wow, Cartman did that? Sounds like something he would do,'" Matt Stone agreed.They took hundreds of weapons intended for the Afghan National Police and at least one of them (probably more) signed for the shipments with the name "Eric Cartman." When I asked "South Parks"'s creators what they thought of these men co-opting their character they were completely unfazed. Eric Cartman, the trash-talking, anti-Semitic, youngster who is one of the four main characters of their show, is the "shitty part" of Matt and Trey according to them. He's both of our dark sides, [he says] the things we'd never say," Parker told me.If you don't, DJI will turn your drone into a lame hunk of plastic that barely flies.


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