Gab not updating when accounts are disabled

Read further to get more details on the issue & the workarounds .Behavior: When using “Share Point Active Directory Import” for the Synchronization Options in Share Point 2013 , the users who are disabled in Active Directory are not getting removed from Share Point post a Full/Incremental Import . A deeper look into this reveals that account is not marked as deleted ( bdeleted=1 flag in User Profile_full Table of the Profile Database of the UPA) .Also If the user is not disabled & moved to another OU which is not selected to be Sync , similar behavior is observed. Is Imported =0 Note : It is not recommended to Query any Sharepoint databases or to make changes other than ones described at .Observation: Since we are not using FIM for synchronization, there is nothing to look into Sync DB. Full import will detect the user is not getting imported and marks the field ‘Is Imported’ to 0 on DNLookup table in Profile DB for the affected user. Is Imported FROM [User Profile_Full] A (nolock) inner join [DNLookup] B (nolock) on A. Workaround: The “Share Point Active Directory Import” does not mark the profile to be deleted either with incremental or Full Import when they are disabled and only way to remove the obsolete users is as mentioned HERE .Lync Server 2010 uses several methods of authentication: Kerberos, NTLM, and certificate based.

Users could think they're sending email when they're not.Most of us use Outlook to both send and receive email messages, but you might have a user or two that only wants to do one or the other - not both.Fortunately, you can configure Outlook to send or receive messages, but the option isn't where you might first look, in the mail options section.This is also a good starting place when a user says Outlook has stopped sending and/or receiving email.Often, the user has accidentally disabled the feature without realizing it.In Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook 2007 & 2010 downloads a local copy of the Global Address List (GAL), but only updates it every 24 hours.


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