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As the doc notes, it's not a money-back guarantee, it's just another tool in the fight. Scheiner also looks at the risks that Truvada might give its users the feeling of invincibility, and play a role in sexual addiction.

Pr EP with Truvada is a wonderful new tool in the arsenal against HIV infection, but Ask the Doc shows you both the pros and cons surrounding its use.

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We offer a Steam Room, Hot Tub, TV lounge, Maze, novice Dungeon (The Pig Pen), Outdoor Pool and free Wireless Internet.

Q: Dear Doc, Are you seeing any patients in your practice converting to positive while on Truvada? I have indeed just seen my first patient who failed on Pr EP. This particular patient told me, "I don't remember what a condom looks like. " He was all about the intimacy that he felt without a latex barrier.

And while I tell patients that Truvada was approved to be used along with condoms and risk reduction, for many it is seen as a "free pass" to party and play.

"What we're trying to facilitate is a discussion, and maybe a celebration," he explains. We have these beautiful photos by Juliet Taylor called Creatures of the Night. Even though porn is very male-dominated, the hetero, cis white men haven't stepped up to really produce anything. You can go to prison for filming a woman ejaculating. These things have bigger political implications about the Catholic society and control and oppression.

As an art school grad with a background in radical queer activism, organizer of the Bushwig drag festival, and one third of dance-punk act Bottoms, Leahy seems uniquely qualified to put on a festival that's stimulating to brains and genitals alike. They're these gorgeous portraits of transsexual sex workers at a park in Paris. I had the idea to do a porn festival in my mind for three years. It could lead into those big heavyweight discussions.


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